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The following tips can greatly improve the health of your pool and liner:

Never drain water completely from the pool to avoid a shrinking and wrinkled liner.

Make sure rain water always flows away from the pool’s wall because it causes liners to float, destroys the sand under the liner, and might cause pool walls to curve in.

Don’t place chlorine tablets in skimmer baskets to avoid discoloring or wrinkling the liner below the skimmer.

Don’t install a new deck over pipes that are 20 or more years old.

Never let the water in the pool turn green. This signals the growth of algae and bacteria. These organisms can cause staining of your vinyl liner.

Always use a proper size winter pool cover that is tightly sealed around the entire edge of the pool to prevent the accumulation of debris.

Don’t use abrasive cleaners or cleaning tools such as scouring powders, steel wool pads, or sharp bristled brushes on vinyl liner. Use only a recommended cleaner to remove soil which may accumulate at the water line or to clean any other soiled areas.